About Bendigo Newcomers

Moving to a new area, no matter where you are from, can be overwhelming. On top of the usual stresses, associated with re-locating, there is also the need to find out about your new community. The maze of information can be daunting and trying to find people who share your interests can be frustrating.

Bendigo Newcomers is a Not-For-Profit organisation which was established during 2004, and Incorporated in April 2005, to welcome, support and assist new residents to the City of Greater Bendigo. Bendigo Newcomers Incorporated (A0047140V) aims to do this through the creation of opportunities for new residents to tap into existing social and business networks. Bendigo Newcomers hosts regular social events where new comers to our local area can meet with new people and long established residents, to share knowledge and information on Bendigo in a friendly social environment.

These social events are highlighted in the Association’s newsletter, The Welcome Mat, which is published on a regular basis through out the calendar year. Social events are held as morning, mid-week, after work and weekend events. We aim to cater for all age groups!

Bendigo Newcomers also encourages long established locals and residents to join us, and to share their local knowledge with our more recent newcomers to the City of Greater Bendigo.

New residents, businesses and community organisations are encouraged to contact Bendigo Newcomers about its proposed activities, volunteer and sponsorship opportunities.