Bendigo Newcomers (The Association) collects personal information about members to allow it to maintain membership records and provide services to members.  Bendigo Newcomers does not disclose personal information to any third party, unless the third party is contracted by the Association to provide administrative services or activities on its behalf.  In these circumstances the Association makes sure that the third party is bound by the same rules.  Personal information will also be disclosed in accordance with the requirements of the law.  At any time you may request access to the personal information that the Bendigo Newcomers holds about you and advise us of any inaccuracies.

Bendigo Newcomers Incorporated also has a Member’s Directory to enable contact between consenting members.  This list will be for the use of financial members only and will not be made available to non-members.  It will not be distributed or sold to a third a party without your prior consent.  Members have the right to request that their details be removed from the Member’s Directory at any time.

If we do not obtain the information we seek, we may not be able to:

We will do this electronically if you supply us with an e-mail address.

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