History of Bendigo Newcomers

The need for a group that welcomed, encouraged and supported new residents to the City of Greater Bendigo area so that they could integrate into the local community through a friendly social environment was perceived by co-founders, Michelle Scott and Karen Larkins prior to 2004.

As the membership of Bendigo Newcomers grew in size, supporters decided that the group should become formalised by seeking Incorporation under the Associations Incorporation Act.

On Wednesday, 25 March 2005, a meeting to discuss this incorporation was held at The Bendigo Club, those in attendance were: Cathy Perris, Denise Goodwin, Dominic Pan, Margaret Taylor, Russell Taylor, Ailene Charlton, Nancy Watt, Val Walter, Dulcie Williams, Alma Baker, Janelle Hearn, Michelle Scott, Karen Larkins, Julia Churcher, Eileen Newman and Garry Newman, with apologies from Michael Hawthrone and Yvonne Collier.

Resolutions were passed at this meeting, which saw Karen Larkins authorised to incorporate Bendigo Newcomers, and to be appointed as the first Public Officer for the newly incorporated association. A scale of membership fees was also set. Whilst the statement of purposes, as can be seen on the web site today, was resolved and agreed upon by all in attendance.

Further discussions were held as to what type of goods and services, members at that time, would receive for their membership. These included a LinKit Pack featuring discount vouchers for local business and a Sponsors Pack containing welcoming gifts, regular newsletters and social events information.

Through out the years Bendigo Newcomers worked with the Council of Greater Bendigo to establish a new resident’s kit. This kit contained a multitude of important information dealing with resources and facilities in the Greater Bendigo area; and was an added bonus for new residents to Bendigo, at the time.

Subsequently the Council of Greater Bendigo became a major sponsor of Bendigo Newcomers Inc., with a whole host of other local business providing minor sponsorships to varying degrees.

As an Incorporated Association Bendigo Newcomers Inc. (A0047140V) is a not for profit organisation.