Issue 48: August/November 2016

Presidents Report
Attendances at the Bendigo Newcomers events in the first half of 2016 have been very strong.
In particular, the monthly morning/afternoon teas have been very well attended. As a result,
we now need to ask for you to RSVP if you are coming along to morning/afternoon tea so that
we can make sure that there is a chair for you at the table.

Included in this mail-out you will find your renewal membership form which is now due; please
complete the remaining details and return to the Committee or post office box. If you know of
new members, blank membership forms are available at each event, on the website or via our
committee members.

The notification for the AGM is included in this mail out – please consider both attending the
meeting and nominating for the Committee. The Committee meets monthly for about an hour and
organises the events, including hosting of events.

As a Committee Member, you have the opportunity to meet other members at events you’ve
organised or suggested. If you have any questions about being a Committee Member,
please speak to myself, Mary, Wendy, Christine, Tony or Sylvia. We’d also be happy to
speak to anyone who might be interested in President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer.

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Issue 48 – 2016 Issue 48 – 2016