Issue 49: December 2016/March 2017

Presidents Report
I have great pleasure in introducing your new Committee members to you:
President & Secretary – Cathy Ward
Treasurer – Christine Naylor
Committee Members – Sylvia Simmons and Mike Timewell.

I’d like to thank all the members who attended the AGM – lots of good discussions were held
and the Committee is hoping to implement many new ideas over the next 12 months. I’d
also like to extend my thanks to the Committee Members who finished their term at this Annual
General Meeting – Wendy Bodey, Tony Dewhurst and Mary Thomas.

The Committee still has vacancies so if you would be interested in joining us, please approach
any of the Committee Members to find out how to nominate for the Committee.

This edition of the Welcome Mat is being emailed to members for the first time. You are receiving
an emailed edition if you indicated on your membership form that you were happy to receive the
Welcome Mat by email instead of post to help the Committee keep the budget costs contained.

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Issue 49 – 2016/2017 Issue 49 – 2016/2017